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Attention Pipestem Owners

January 3, 2022

Just a reminder to the pipestem owners that you are responsible to remove the trees originating from your own property that have fallen and/or are blocking the pipestems as soon as possible due to safety concerns. We have had some trees that have fallen which is preventing the snow plowing of the pipestems. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Attention Pipestem Owners

January 3, 2022

Balmoral Greens HOA is responsible for plowing certain pipe stems within the community. Management has been informed that a Park Authority tree has fallen down by Beckwith Lane and the association can not plow the pipestem on Beckwith Lane. The contractors can not get past the tree that fell. Also, a tree by Ivakota Farm Road has fallen and the association's contractor can not get past the tree to plow the pipe stem on Ivakota Farm Road. Management has notified the Park Authority/VDOT about the trees that are down, but does not know when they will be removed. Thank you

Balmoral Greens Glass Recycling

August 31, 2021

Girl Scouts Troop #54028

Balmoral Greens Glass Recycling first Sunday of every month until June 2022.