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Confederate Fortification Sites Tour

Saturday, March 19

There are three distinct confederate fortification sites adjacent to Balmoral Greens Avenue. Two of the sites are on the east side of the road (north of Cannon Fort Rd.) extending to the entrance of the golf course. These sites are fenced-in and administered by Fairfax County. Blake Meyers, the Preservation Committee Chair of the Bull Run Civil War Roundtable, has access to the fortifications and volunteered to unlock the gates and provide a tour of the sites. His expertise was invaluable in pointing out terrain features that we might not otherwise see or understand.

Everyone met at Chuck and Joan Ernst's house at 13300 Ivakota Farm Road. Blake provided an introduction and brief overview of the fortifications. We then drove to the two sites on the east side of Balmoral Greens Avenue.

For photos of the tour, click here.

For additional information about the sites, click here.

For books about the area, click here.

Thanks to Chuck Ernst for arranging this!

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